Using gradients and blending of organic shapes with neon colors, I create paintings that are bright but depressing. The digitization look is meant to create a new visual dialogue derived from my infatuation and hatred with the digital age. Bold colors create a futuristic presence with a sense of hopelessness. 
We are now in the age of misinformation rather than information. People choose to believe whichever fact-checking effort appeals to them. Instead of empowering us to think independently for ourselves like enlightened individuals, the paradox of the information age has made us more dependent on other people’s judgments and evaluations of the information with which we face. 
The Coastal Concern series regards the sea level rise due to melting ice sheets that can flood hundreds of cities soon. It affects communities in vulnerable places such as California, Florida, New Jersey, and South Carolina. Not only is this detrimental, but the amount of livable land will diminish and force people to relocate in overpopulated areas elsewhere. 
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